Sept 25 & 26

Back to New York.
Sorting things out.

Sept 23 & 24

Washington, D.C. ( a material model of the american dream )

Thursday 9:35am: Amtrak 141 Northeast Regional to Washington, D.C.

Leaving from Penn Station

32nd Street between 7th and 8th Avenues

12:59pm: arrive in Washington D.C.

Staying at Hotel Harrington, 436 11th Street North West Corner of 11th and E Streets

Friday 7:10pm: train from Union Station, Washington, D.C. to New York

188 Northeast Regional

arriving in New York at 10:32pm

Sept 22
Will humans reach a point when they will understand that nobody needs all of this ?
Showing off private organs and/or atomic bombs. Obscenity is just a display of power.

Sept 21
the sky is blue

Sept 20

1:00pm: Grolier Club

47 East 60th Street

Between Madison and Park Avenues

Subway 5 announcement for passengers with voice amplifier and LED monitor :
"large containers are subject to random search"

Sept 16, 17, 18 & 19
Midtown Manhattan, SOHO. Queens,