September 3

Jet lag is over but still no dreams last night.

11:30am: Circle Line Tour with Julia

Departs from Pier 83 West 42nd Street and 12th Avenue

The receipt for this trip is in your folder. Please bring it with you. Although it says to be there 45 minutes in advance, I have never found that to be true. 20 minutes early should suffice.

Let’s meet at the pier at 11:10 to get in line.

Every one on the boat is taking the same exact picture at the same exact time.
When we landed we all stretched out our bodies like if waking up from sleep

Then walked to Times Square

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  1. Whaow, you did the circle line tour with Julia! How lucky you are! I did it alone, you can imagine my calvery....I am happy that you're blogging, I'm following you! Enjoy your time with Apexart!