September 8
Go to sleep at 4 am, phone rings at 7:38 am
-hello Juan
-hello no this is not Juan
-oh come on Juan, why are you doing this, why you don't want to talk?
-I am really sorry but I am not Juan
And then she gets angry and starts to speak for like a minute in Spanish and i don't understand a word.
-I don't understand Spanish can you speak in English please?
-you don't understand Spanish ha?!! OK I speak in English for you. So what happened?!! What are you afraid of?!! Why don't you want to talk to me anymore?
-I am really sorry lady but I am not Juan I am someone else.
Very disappointed and hangs up

I go back to sleep, half an hour later the phone rings again
it is her again with a sad apologetic tone
-Hello Juan
-OK sorry sir bye

That woman had all the sadness one can feel in the world,
her voice coming out from a B rated soap opera. That Juan guy really broke her heart.

I am supposed to be at noon at the Harbor Defense Museum at 230 Sheridan Loop.

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