September 2 2010

Time in Beirut is still layered on time here in New York.

3 a.m. Woke up very early, no dreams,

don't like the apartment, decide to turn it around, feels better

5 a.m. go down to Union Square Park searching for hot coffee.

Meet some bums sleeping on benches.

All cadavers.

Looking at the trees trying to locate the first singing birds. Now few people walking on the side walk across the street.

Madison Square Park 7 a.m.

A tall thin man in his mid fifties with blue jeans white socks no shoes and a thin white long robe _ the ones they make you wear at hospitals after an operation_ he is holding a white plastic bag in his left hand

every now and then he lifts his robe and checks on his stomach as if inspecting on his wound

He walks away between the trees

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