September 12

New Amsterdam Market.

Battery Park City Block Party.

Governors Island Art Fair.

The sky is too gloomy to be out in the streets.
Take the bus back.

- Hey man you're littering

- Littering? Who's littering?

Then some mumbling from the front of the bus, I don't understand much, then the shouting starts again

- Where do you think you came from? How do you think you came here in the first place?

- Hey man got some roaches coming out of your jacket!

Some more shouting in the front, the bus is too crouded to see what is really happening

Then a woman comes back to where i am, she was wearing a black wig and said:

_ Stupid... stupid.

and then she mumbles something else in russian while cleaning off her shoes

_ stupid

- Hey sir, got some roaches coming from your jacket!

A young man was shouting at a much older man

And then the bus stops and then every body comes off the bus in a hurry.

I stayed to see if what was being said was true and also not very sure what will happen next.

And actually just where the old guy was sitting some corn chips and on the floor also little cockroaches

running in all direction all over the floor. Contemporary art seems to be one century behind daily life.

Then I saw the bus driver, a big guy, jumping in the bus trying to smash and kill the tiny creatures and another man standing next to me and also starring like me at the scene, suddenly shouts:

- What are you doing? You can't do anything anymore they are all over the bus just get off the bus!

The bus driver declares the bus out of duty and asks us to get on the other one that just came in.

As all passengers where doing so, he starts shouting to the other driver:

- Don't let that old guy on your bus! Got some roachs on him just don't let him in your bus!

And then that same woman with her wig and voice again:

- Stupid ... stupid.

And everybody on the streets gets in a crazy trance of jumping and shaking themselves and trying to pull out things off their cloths.

He was here still standing next to the bus eyes wide open not knowing that he had just created all of that madness.

The other bus driver asking him to shake his jacket.

- ain't got no roaches on me!

- don't let him in

- stay out.

And the old poor man who smelled like hell stood there in the middle of the road and we all left

I had completely forgotten that I had my camera on me.

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  1. Excellent story man...still laughing(in-spite of my very recent root canal!)
    Ur a real story teller Roy!
    am glad you forgot about your camera!